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The isolation of coq revertants may reveal synthetic interactions with suppressors, capable of suppressing the Q-less phenotype. Revertants will be mapped by genetic complementation groups via genetic crossing and selection for growth on auxotrophic plate media. If several groups are identified, one strain from each complementation group can be selected and sent for inexpensive whole genome sequencing. Preliminary research suggests that each revertant strain will harbor a unique mutation distinct from the coq parent strain, and knockout strains from commercially available yeast libraries can be purchased for preliminary characterization of the gene.
The project proposed examines the unknown function of two proteins shown to be essential in the biosynthesis of Q. By isolating revertants capable of correcting the Q-less phenotype in coq4 and coq8 point mutants, a synthetic interaction between a novel suppressor gene and a coq gene may be identified. For example, is the suppressor a regulatory protein that directly or indirectly modifies and thereby stabilizes the mutant Coq protein? Does the suppressor replace the activity of the Coq protein in the CoQ-synthome or open up an alternative pathway? The approach to these aims elucidate (1) the function of the uncharacterized Coq protein and (2) the effect of the suppressor on the formation and stability of the CoQ-synthome.

Internal AUX Modification to front
Style No. BM002A

Switching from iPod to radio or radio to iPod will be as easy as removing the AUX cable!

To modify your radio as shown in this picture, please fill out and print the Repair Request Form and sent it with your unit. Please be sure to note the style number! This model's internal AUX modification will be $60 +�Shipping and Handling�in the US.

If you prefer, we can modify this model to have an External AUX Jack to be mounted to any part of your console (Style No. BM002B). This modification will not change your radio's faceplate, but you will need to mount the AUX jack. This model's external AUX modification will be $60 +Shipping and Handling�in the US.

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