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Welcome to Factory Radio Service and Repair!

With over 35 years in experience, we have the technical knowledge and hands-on familiarity to fix your radio, giving it a complete tune up and restoring it to near factory condition! We can also modify your existing car radio to include an auxiliary input (AUX)! This clean modification maintains the factory radio look while also allowing you to directly connect to any MP3 player, iPod, or satellite radio. Listen to your source without a cassette attachment or a FM transmitter ójust plug the AUX cable into the headphone jack of any device and you will have clear, crisp music coming straight from your car!


We offer three options for AUX modification, and you may pick whichever fits your needs!

  1. Internal AUX modified to the front of your radio
  2. Integrated AUX button switch on the front of your radio
  3. External AUX jack to be mounted to any part of your console
We also modify radios to add Bluetooth capabilities. Please see our Bluetooth section for more information!

We specialize in audio modifications, and can repair and modify your personal car radio. We also sell all the units seen on this website. These units and many others are available through our eBay Store, www.stores.ebay.com/factoryradios.

If you search through our eBay store and find your car radio, you may:
  1. Purchase the unit directly through eBay (with a 30-day eBay warranty).
  2. Email us the eBay number and purchase directly from us (with a 90-day warranty). Additionally, you will receive a 5% discount for the eBay fees.†
We accept PayPal. If you would like to pay via Money Order or Cashier's Check (no personal checks please), you will receive a 3% discount for the PayPal fees.
We are a State of California licensed repair company and a Rancho Cucamonga City licensed business. We have been selling on eBay for over 10 years and have over 30 years in technical experience.
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